I help individuals and teams to perform under pressure.

My offers


In the professional context, this support is based on your coaching objective, which stems from your request for change. I help you to “lift your head from the handlebars” and offer you a neutral and non-judgmental support.


Based on a co-diagnosis, the coaching offer proposes a course of action to optimise the potential and know-how of your team. The support is provided through workshops, observation of team meetings and manager interviews.


This offer is aimed at athletes who have to perform under pressure (golf, skiing, throwers, etc.). On a daily basis, practice is based on breathing meditation work; in a situation, it is a question of relying on this daily work in order not to suffer from parasitic technical or contextual thoughts and to deliver a fluid and balanced movement.


Drawing on my experience in a fighter squadron and with the Patrouille de France, I describe the stages involved in building a high-performance team. Collective work is superior to that of a work group or a group of individuals. I propose simple “COMBAT PROVEN” tools that are effective and immediately usable by your teams.


To know oneself and others better and to better understand our preferences and talents. Linking the resources of the person or the team, the “like to do”, to the imperatives of the job, the “must do”. The TLP-Navigator Talents tool is the first building block of a team coaching.

My life journey

4200 flying hours / 43 war missions

I have been forged by 22 years of service in the Air Force and the Space Agency. The values that drive me : freedom, responsibility, exemplarity, trust, transparency, integrity.

The Patrouille de France experience

The PAF is a high performance team. Or more accurately, it becomes one again each year. Thanks to this experience and my coaching posture, I’m able to support clients who have to perform under pressure.

Excellence in learning: solution-oriented coaching®.

I trained with Philippe BIGOT, the man who developed COS® in France. The hallmarks of COS are pragmatism, brevity and empowerment of the coachee in the change process. The coach gives up the right to know for the coachee(s).

A career path: the SFCoach

Today, I consciously allow myself to practice based on my training, my experience and my supervision. The SFCoach offers me a professionalization path, a space for reflection and questioning necessary for my coaching hygiene.

They put their trust in me

Damien SKAKY

From a personal point of view, Olivier’s support over nearly six months was a revelation and an accomplishment as a manager, enabling the Résodétection team to take the necessary directions and to assume them fully. The team coaching initiated by Olivier is intuitive, strategic and intelligent (Talent Profiles and Team Wheel). For the team, confidence is reinforced by the different workshops (Pact and values in particular). The feeling is already present for all the collaborators of the Design Office and it is concretised at the level of our figures!!! You should not wait until everything is going well to take this structural and organisational photo of your company (otherwise you risk waiting for a long time 😊) !!!

Nicolas GARCIA

Superb experience… A Human, Enriching and Constructive adventure which knows how to take into account the background, the character and the experience of each person to make it a Collective Force within a group of Work Colleagues… We come out of it GREATER and more enlightened…THANK YOU for Everything, OLIVIER…Good luck and see you soon.


Thank you very much for your guidance and advice. I learned; I discovered the team relationship from another angle. It is with pleasure and sincere interest that I discovered the world of professional coaching in detail. I was able to savour a rich and well constructed learning experience completely anchored in the values that you transmit. Qualitative and efficient coaching, mixing theory and practice. Thank you Olivier for these 6 months spent together ! See you soon.


A big thank you to Olivier for an efficient, pragmatic and deeply human coaching. At the head of a unit of 350 people, listening, questioning, and verbalising the frictions that made the management load burdensome now allow me to approach the next step with serenity and renewed confidence thanks to the implementation of concrete action and organisation levers.

Frédéric IZACARD

How can I thank Olivier for his support ? Perhaps by explaining what he helped me gain… We met at a time of doubt and stress in the management of my young company. After defining together a relevant problem, we worked on the changes I could make and the results are there! I feel stronger, more determined and courageous to put in place a new dynamic in my company and the results are there after only a few weeks. Thanking him for his help will not be enough, but I strongly advise to use his services and I keep the desire to do it again and to push my limits with confidence again.

Anne Gaëlle

A big thank you to Olivier for his attentive, professional and impactful support through a coaching process that raised awareness, opened new perspectives and outlined the first steps and actions to evolve. An amazing evolution during the coaching and whose effects continue after the coaching! Thank you Olivier! In reference to fighter aviation, I would say that I have not only broken the sound barrier, but that I am now flying at a new altitude! Thank you, Olivier!


Is it possible to undertake coaching if there is no demand?

No, without demand, there is no coaching. This is where we come to a real differentiating feature of COS® : the form of interaction with the coachee is singular. Indeed, I have no reason to doubt the will to change of the coachee who has come to see me; consequently, I don’t listen to what is holding back, I only listen to the possibilities that lead to change.

What is COS®, Solution-Oriented Coaching?

Solution orientation is based on the idea that people who ask for help are competent. Let us remember this evocative slogan : “Stop solving problems, build solutions”. In terms of ethics: the coach has no project or expectation for the person, the field is left open and his role is to give all the power to the person in capacity to act; it is a way to confront him with his reality. The coach does not come up with ready-made solutions, it is not consulting.

How much does a coaching course cost?

Between a few thousand euros for individual coaching and about three times that amount for team coaching (it being understood in both cases that it is the company that finances). The OPCOs (Opérateurs de Compétences) sometimes support this financing. I help you with the procedures. Do not hesitate to ask me for a quote.

How is an individual coaching organised?

It all starts with a preliminary interview during which the objective of the coaching is defined, then 6 sessions of 2 hours are proposed. My job as a coach is to facilitate access to the first useful changes. This coaching approach focuses on concrete aspects, on the experience of situations and the capacities expressed or that can be expressed. In a session, I invite you to debrief the actions and experiments decided upon in the previous session; to work on current events; and to encourage operational work on real-life situations. Between two sessions, the coaching continues with experiments – mobilising skills and resources – to be carried out. Allow 5 to 6 months.

How is a team coaching organised?

Before setting a course in any direction, it is necessary to take stock of where we are; this is called a co-diagnosis – where does the team stand ? Once this is done, the coaching will generally start with a one-day seminar using the TALENTS tool. Then, in the form of 3-hour workshops, I coach the team on specific themes that were identified during the co-diagnosis. Examples of themes : values and team pact, communication and regulation, collaborative skills, etc. The coaching is completed by observations of team meetings and managerial interviews. It takes 6 to 8 months.

What is my conference about?

The theme of my conference is the strength of the collective. My perspective and a better understanding of the models for building a successful team made me realise what I didn’t know at the time : the Patrouille de France IS a successful team. Or more exactly, it becomes one again every year. In fact, every year the team has to be rebuilt because every year there is a new leader, a new programme, three new pilots and each pilot changes place. Here, therefore, a change of leadership, a new annual objective, turnover and a new job are the norm, the routine for access to performance. I therefore believe it is relevant to draw parallels between what is done at PAF and what is experienced daily by your company, to evoke solutions and perhaps then inspire action.



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